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Welcome to CITYSunTimes

CITYSunTimes is a complimentary niche market community newspaper serving the expanding Northeast Valley. Readers live throughout Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Northeast Phoenix, Carefree and Cave Creek. The content includes substantive articles that people WANT to read and look forward to from month to month. We are dedicated to the community, to neighborhood residents and issues, events close to home that are compelling to our readership and provide an outstanding foundation for our advertisers to build a customer base.

Circulation of the Inaugural Edition was 11,000 newspapers. Due to substantial interest, circulation grew to serve over 60,000 readers. 

CITYSunTimes is directly distributed monthly to more than 22,000 homes in the Town of Paradise Valley, Northeast Phoenix, Scottsdale and Carefree. Copies are also available for free pick-up at local businesses in Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, Northeast Phoenix and Cave Creek.

The majority of readers of CITYSunTimes are middle- to upper-class families with school-aged children.

We are committed to bringing our readers substantive information that is meaningful and important to their lives and hope that they find their lives enhanced by allowing us into their homes and businesses.

What Our Readers Say!

“I really enjoyed reading CITYSunTimes. I prefer to shop at locally owned and managed shops and restaurants, but often have a difficult time finding what I am looking for. Your paper helps a great deal. Best of luck and keep up the good work. I am looking forward to more informative and helpful publications in the future.”

– Kathleen Monheit, Paradise Valley

“The articles are very comprehensive and most of all up beat. At this point in time when the media is filled with so much negative news, it was a breath of fresh air for me to read your paper. I look forward to reading future editions. Thank you so much for bringing a positive energy to the news business.”

– Rodd Wolff, Paradise Valley


“After a hard week at work I’d much rather pick up CITYSunTimes than the New York Times or Arizona Republic! Thank you for putting out such a fantastic product. Please keep up the great work!”

– Jason Zilveti, Scottsdale


“Among all the community publications, yours is the most classy, as well as the most colorful. Keep up the great work!”

–Deanne Poulos, Phoenix


“On behalf of the Paradise Valley High School Baseball Booster Club, I send you and your staff a strong expression of appreciation for your support…Talk about being involved with our community. You are. In our score book, you hit a home run, and we appreciate it. Thanks for your total involvement.”

– Stu Brackney, The VOICE of Paradise Valley High School


“All of us at Banner of Hope are sending you a kiss and hug today. I just received a call from a gentleman whose wife is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. He saw the article in YOUR NEWSPAPER about our upcoming fundraising event, called me and bought a RUNWAY TABLE right then and there! We are so appreciative of your support as our media sponsor. It’s obvious the power of the press is alive and well!”

–Jamye W. Katz, President, Banner of Hope


“I was delighted years ago when the CITYSunTimes was delivered to my door…The need for a regionalized newspaper has been proven...I read the newspaper cover to cover each delivery. I use many of the local advertisers. Thanks for contributing so much to the community.”

– Mary Bartlett, President, Arizona Retriever Rescue


“I am happy I took the time to read CITYSunTimes in its entirety. The article written by Hope Ozer was about relationships and how they evolve through the years. Before I was even halfway through the article I developed a lump in my throat and tears started streaming down my cheeks. Could it be that I related to the ever-changing relationship she spoke of? Even now, as I write, the words are blurred because this talented lady has a way of touching the heart and pulling the strings. Congratulations for having people on your staff that are filled with compassion and love – and have the ability to convey that to others, in writing. I love CITYSunTimes!”

– “Arizona’s Dolly” Kennedy, Phoenix


“…I have just finished the issue of the CITYSunTimes that you passed out [at Kiwanis of Carefree luncheon]. In short, I am very impressed.  Having lived in the North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree area for the past 14 years, we only had the ‘major player’ to rely on for local news and commentary.  Unfortunately, very long on the commentary and very short on everything else.  Your publication is not only refreshing, but puts to rest, at least for now, the idea that the printed word is a dying medium. May your endeavors prosper and flourish…”

– John Voloudakis, Scottsdale






CITYSunTimes Staff

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Hope H. Ozer

Executive Editor
Katherine Koenig

Managing Editor
Kathryn M. Morgan

Assistant to the
Darlene Keberle

Creative Director
Jenifer Lee


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